2011 Calendar Round-Up No.4

1. 2011 Monthly Planner, Letter C Design
2. 2011 Tea Towel Calendar, Bookhou
2. and 4. A Year in Polaroids, Cori Kindred
5. Pawling Print Studio
6. Wolfie and the Sneak
7. 2011 Wall Calendar, Leah Giberson
8. Photo Calendar, Pinecone Camp

Jan Halvarson


Anonymous said...

i love all these calendars! i found a really nice one.. check out www.hammypie.com for a really cool calendar called I LOVE VANCOUVER!! go to: http://www.hammypie.com/TallCalendars.html

Danielle said...

Wolfie & the Sneak -- that calendar is adorable!


Katie King said...

love the tea towel calendar :)

Anonymous said...

These calendars are so beautiful. I anticipate the new ones you find and love looking at the different designs, styles and concepts that are explored. These calendars inspired me to do a seasonal vegetable/fruit/flower calendar for my mum. If you like it can be seen at this web address:

Thank you for sharing such lovely, beautiful and cool things the world has to offer its all amazing!

milli-jane said...

Wow! im going to have to get practicing with my calendar roundups!
I'd love it if you had a look at my small but sweet list:

MJ x