2010 Holiday Cards {Part II}

Personalized Holiday Cards printed on eco-friendly birch wood, Night Owl Paper Goods, $3 each

Sweet Peace Postcard, Jack & Ella, $24 (Set of 40 postcards)

Mini Winter Greetings, Merry Blues Art, $3

Seasons Greetings, Redstar Ink, $12 (Set of 8)

Merry Christmas Letterpress, Steel Petal Press, $4.50

I believe card, Ash and Anchor, $16 Set of

Nice Rack Card, Dude and Chick, $4.50

Happy Holidays, Redstar Ink, $12 (Set of 8)

Hand block printed cards, Katherine Watson, $14 (Set of 5)

Pigeon Post Holiday Series, Pigeon Post, $5.75

Holiday Reindeer, Steel Petal Press, $4.50

Stay tuned for Part III

Jan Halvarson


Diana Lee said...

These are such beautiful cards! I especially love the peace ones near the top of the post.

sheila said...

love the simplicity of the birch trees... so pretty!

Unknown said...

I love the simplicity of the "I believe" cards.

Yuri said...

Thank you for this spotlighting! I'm in love with that third card, heading to her Etsy store. :)

Lizzie [Ten Thou Bride] said...

beautiful selection! I love the atlers with the "i believe" underneath...way cute!

Tash said...

I'm loving the Ash and Anchor I believe card too!

Danielle said...

I love the "warm winter's greetings" cards! The holidays are just the best.