After blogging about art & illustration for almost 3 years on Pikaland and as an editor of magazines + books for the past 7 years, Amy Ng is now publishing limited edition art & illustration related zines and books under the name, Pikabooks.

For their inaugural zine, her friend and artist Mogu Takahashi has drawn a zine that teaches the basics of the Japanese language! The zine will be bundled with an A2 size poster, and is available in a limited edition set of 200.

They are celebrating the launch of their first book with the coupon code YAYPIKA that will enable patrons to get 10% off their order, and Amy would like to extend this to all Poppytalk readers as well! Congrats Amy!


Jan Halvarson

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Melissa Righero said...

PERFECT! I'm planning a trip to Japan with my sister in-law...What better way to learn