IDS West 2010 - Part 3

IDSWest - Corked Designs

"CoRkEd DeSiGnS", a special exhibit at the IDSwest this year, challenged seven designers to create a new product using wine corks. Above Formgiver Design Studios were inspired by all things containing a percentage of alcohol. They decided that the cork should have a chance at being more than a mere stopper and after many experiments created the perfect blend creating a bottle of cork containing light.

And Contexture Design sculpted a series of corks, which were being used to cork 32 bottles of hand crafted 8th Generation Wine. Once removed, the wine-dyed corks make a complete chess set, including 16 white and 16 red wine cork pieces. Custom crates have also been designed for both the red and white wine bottles, which come together to form the chessboard.

IDSWest - Corked DesignsIDSWest - Corked DesignsIDSWest - Corked Designs

And although not made of cork (and not part of the exhibit), we thought this stool (see below) made out of a mixture of rice and glue (the Daisy Stool) was rather interesting coming out from a company in Thailand who has made Vancouver it's home. Maai Living creates Scandinavian-influenced furniture paired with materials from Thailand. We also loved their Shell Dining Chairs made out of hand woven rattan with a stainless steel base (these images from their website). They also make wood furniture (Maai means wood in Thai) using oak,ash or teak.

Stay tuned for Part 4.

IDSwest is running this weekend Oct 14 - 17/10 at the New Vancouver Convention Center. Click here for more details.

Jan Halvarson


Reportero de Lluvia said...

Great blog!!

Vintage Home said...

...stunning light fixtures & chairs!...crazy about the chess!

Momichka said...

That's a great idea. I love the chairs! I've been collecting beer bottle caps, so if anyone can think of other uses for them, please feel free to share.
It seems a perfectly reasonable thing to re-use something and save it from the dumpster.
Great post!

Trish said...

LOVE the light fixtures! Especially the light peaking through…would love to see them in the dark. =)