Hindsvik: Living Room - Before and After

The Living Room BEFORE

Hi There, it's Daniel and Valeria from Hindsvik Shop! This week we'd like to share one of our recent home renovation projects: our living room makeover!

With a little paint, wood and color, we've managed to turn our living room into a modern and comfortable space that fits our mix of vintage and modern decor pieces.

The Living Room AFTER

Mix of modern and vintage colorful pillows.

Our DIY shelving unit made of plumbing pipe and reclaimed barn wood.

West German pottery collection. We love lava vases!

Another DIY bench for the entryway and antique coat rack.

Wooden key holder.

A vintage entertainment unit with a faux-bois finish and mid century magazine rack.

Safari chair and industrial floor lamp.

Pictures of lava fields from one of our trips to Iceland.

Hope you enjoyed our living room makeover! With a little paint, textures or themes and colors, it's so easy to create a comfortable and updated space. See you next week with more!

Jan Halvarson


Diane and Kelly said...

Wow! What a difference that painted white floor makes....so sophisticated.

Second Hand Chicks

Pinecone Camp said...

Beautiful space! You're a very talented duo. Love your shelving units. The white floor completely perked everything up. Great mix of details too.

my name is ish said...

We had white wood floors in the apartment I grew up in. I love white floors. When is it okay to paint the floors of an apartment that you rent?

Valeria @ Hindsvik said...

Hi everyone! Thanks for the kind words!

My name is ish - We own our home so it depends on the apartment - you basically have to ask your landlord to see if it's okay. Or convince them it will look better! ;)

Unknown said...

that little key holder is adorable.

Unknown said...

The white floors are so lovely- makes the whole home so fresh looking. I love all of the furniture and styling as well- gorgeous space!

Alison Agnew said...

What a fresh and clean space. I esp. love the hand made bookshelf and the painted floor. We painted our living room floor a few years ago and have been so happy with it. Lovely!

Anonymous said...

shudders and gasps, perhaps you should have moved into a brand new souless loft, instead of destroying the historic characteristics of your charming home.

Valeria @ Hindsvik said...

Anon - what character are you referring to? Our home was built in the 1940's and had a lot of bad "updates" before we had moved in. Actually we stripped the carpets to reveal the flooring underneath and uncovered a lot of other original elements of the home.

White floors may not be your thing but I can assure you we have stripped the home of it's 80's updates and it has more character now than it ever did! :)

jonahliza said...

what a lovely difference white paint makes. i'm in awe...love it! happy halloween.

Anonymous said...

Love love LOVE this. And I recognize the couch. We have (and love) the same one. ;-)

dezandseth said...

I LOVE the pipe & wood shelving unit. I saved a couple of those pics a while back for inspiration and then came across this post again today. Not surprisingly, I still love the idea and we're thinking about trying something like that ourselves! I was wondering if you would be able to do another blog entry or something going into a little more detail for those of us that may want to tackle a project like that ourselves. Great work!