Five Rainy Day Books

There's about a week of rain forecasted our way and I'm sure living here on the west coast (or wet coast as I've often named it); a winter of the wet stuff will most definitely be on the radar. The folks at Raincoast Books and (Chronicle Books) were thoughtful enough to send over a few rainy day children's book ideas for the home set and we're happy to share these publications here.

No. 1 OTHER GOOSE, Re-nurseried and Re-rhymed Children's Classics
by J. Otto Seibold

"Humpty Dumpty wasn't that tall. Humpty Dumpty went to the mall. He searched all the shelves again and again until Humpty found a true bargain." Just a sample of J. Otto Seibold's take on your favorite Mother Goose characters and a feast for the eyes with a new element to his art–spray-painted backgrounds.

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By Sharon Werner and Sarah Forss

Mazes, word searches, rebus puzzles, stickers and more to build a child's skills through creative play.

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by Taro Gomi

This book is full of punch out fun from finger puppets, treasure boxes, a zooful of animals all illustrated by Taro Gomi. Ages 3 - 103.

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No. 4 EVERY DAY'S A HOLIDAY, Year-Round Crafting with Kids
by Heidi Kenny

50 creative and fun crafts like felted Halloween Pillow Covers, love bugs for Valentines, Advent Calendars for Christmas. Ideas to keep you crafting with kids all year round.

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No. 5. Shadows
by Suzy Lee

Artist Suzy Lee uses her illustrations to create simple shadow elements that captures the joy of creative play and celebrates the power of imagination.

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Jan Halvarson


NOTyourrunofthemill said...

Don't you just love Alphabeasties! Bought it for not just the print and patterns, it just feels good.
My kids have passed the little kids book stage. Although I do find myself gravitating over to them just for me.
Don't forget to add Charley Harper's Colouring book... not just for kids!
Loads of inspiration.

lisa solomon said...

how much do i love these? so much

Katie Brown said...

Thanks for sharing these! I love the shadows book. My son is obsessed with them right now; I think we might need that one!

Anonymous said...

Great list! I'm always looking for new books for my daughter's little library.

UpGemini said...

OH MY! The graphic of Other goose it fantastic! Love colors, illustrations, fonts... everything! I think I might buy it...

Anonymous said...

These books look amazing! I love the Shadows one! Now if only I had kids to buy books for...