Autumn Colour Week: Wednesday - Orange!

no where to go
orange 1
orange leaves

Today we're orange. Orange pop, orange balloons, orangey porangey. Grab a cream-sicle and join us, it'll be fun! Click here to see more!

Photo credits:
jek in the box
orange sparrow
Kiersten Bree
Pinecone Camp

Jan Halvarson


Vintage Paradise said...

Orange is the new red! My fashionable 60 year old Diva friend reminded me of that the other day.

Lucy said...

I love Orange, it makes me so happy - and my friend has a bright Orange car :)

HomeCollection. said...

the perfect post!
the picture of the leaves is awesome! said...

I'm feeling pretty grateful right now..thank you so much for including my photo again!

orange sparrow said...

and again thanks for including my photo!!

(and i love orange...)

Unknown said...

So much fun! I've just heard about this via Geninne and had so much fun taking fall color-inspired photographs. I love the autumn!

Pinecone Camp said...

I do love orange! Thanks for including the chevy, Jan. I wish it were mine!

Julie said...

These color posts are really fantastic. They have such amazing personality. Great idea!