New Peek-a-boo Naturals Collection from Smidgebox

Lesley of Smidgebox out of Vancouver is launching a new collection in her shop today, the first phase of her peek-a-boo naturals collection.

Consisting of fabric bins in three different sizes, mini + medium + large. They're great for storage all over, from office to children's rooms. This is the first time Lesley is incorporating linen into her work, adding a rustic and simple textile mixed with the modern + bright designs she is well known for. Later in the fall, she'll be introducing some throw pillow covers, as well as a small line of stockings for Christmas time!
Smidgebox is also in our market this month here!

Jan Halvarson


Jan said...

These peek-a-boo buckets are smashing! Incredible combinations that pop against the raw linen hue. Lesley is a perfectionist, and her products are made to last! Keep up the great work smidgebox!!!

Mandy Keener said...

so swell! gets me inspired to organize...