New Green Shop Alert: MODify/d

Today I'm really excited to introduce a new collection and company my dear blog friend Lisa Solomon and business partner Candice Gold is launching today called MODify/d.

In their attempt to make ecologically sound choices, MODify/d partners with companies in the apparel business to re/use, re/cycle, re/purpose damages, samples, etc., which would normally be discarded. They use kapok or recylced plastic bottle filling for their pillows and stuffies and use vintage trims whenever possible. They also use cardboard packaging and inserts they receive for their hang tags.

Based in the Bay Area of California they work with individual artists, designers, and artisan owned sewing factories to make sweatshop free products. MODify/d also donates a percentage of its proceeds to various charities.

Here is but a sampling of what they offer. They also will be adding hats and gloves to their collection this fall.

Visit them on the internet:

Jan Halvarson

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lisa solomon said...

hi jan... thanks for featuring us!