Halloween Card Round Up

Contributor post by Eva Jorgensen of Sycamore Street Press

Hello.Lucky.houses.party.500Hello! Lucky
The leaves are changing colors in the mountains outside my window, so I know it's time to start thinking about costumes, parties, and trick-or-treating! In my totally unbiased opinion, no holiday is complete without its accompanying paper goods, so here are a few fun Halloween cards that I found around the web:

Ms.Starry.Art.Cat.430Ms. Starry Art

Foxy.and.Winston.Rabbit.430Foxy and Winston

Katie.Fenwick.vampire.500Katie Fenwick

paper.source.letterpress.tags.514Paper Source

Stitched.Cards.Jack-o-lantern.500Stitched Cards

1915Press.cats.5001915 Press

CrookedSister.ghosts.AndrewStefanik.EddieMunster.500Crooked Sister and Andrew Stefanik

Greenwich.Letterpress.Halloween.500Greenwich Letterpress

Olive.Route.500.booOlive Route

SycamoreStreetPress.folk.happy.halloween.500Sycamore Street Press

SugarcubePress.be.our.guest.500Sugarcube Press

Jan Halvarson


Melissa Righero said...

GOD! I love Halloween.

See Me Everywhere said...

hah very very cute!!! x

Claire Gibson King said...

these cards are sooo great!!

Unknown said...

Dang! I want that bat one!!! :) Love these.

Evita said...

Letterpress and my favorite holiday makes me swoon!

Katie said...

Thank you for featuring my Vampire Bite card! They are all beautiful!