Weekend Summer Project (cont'd): Collecting Nature

Earlier this summer I created a new flickr pool called "Collecting Nature" where I asked readers to join me in uploading all our summer nature collections with the promise that we would meet again after summer's end to possibly create things with them. And what a wonderful collection you have shared! So now that summer has ended, lets meet again over at the pool at a new pool we created for projects, to share things we will now do with our collections. Maybe you've displayed them in a special way, or have created an awesome piece of art or craft with them and wish to share with us, or even a tutorial perhaps. We will feature some here on the blog as they are uploaded. Personally, I hope to make something with driftwood! Here are a few links for inspiration: Summer Collection Box, Kid's Collector Desk, Vacation Memory Jars, Seashell Lights, Shell Wind Chimes. (Happy making!)

Update: Please upload your tutorials, projects to a new pool we created for this here.

Row 1: knitalatte11; knitalatte11; knitalatte11; NoTyourrunofthemill; Cori Kindred; Cori Kindred
Row 2: otchipotchi; Hindsvik; flowerpress; Maria Apostolou; knitalatte; Ashley E.
Row 3: Mundo Flo; meeni2010; Hannah Mayo; knitalatte11; knitalatte; ginettesqulette
Row 4: wild goose chase; wild goose chase; Marta Miguel Martinez-Soria; Staci; Marta Miguel Martínez-Soria; ethanollie
Row 5: christinecho1; knitalatte11; lorena.arance; sue.h; Maria Apostolou; wild goose chase

Jan Halvarson


Julie said...

there's just something about a collection of grey smooth rocks that always appeals to me.....love this!

Margie Oomen said...

collecting has been one of my favorite activities this summer, especially in the company of the ones I love.
I would love to participate in this next step.

Hannah said...

I have a lot of driftwood projects in mind, too! I have always loved collecting seaside treasures.
Thank you for including my photo here!

LINDSAY said...

My girls and I lots collecting little bits like this. It's high time we find a way to display them. I'm thinking mounted in a memory box maybe?, so that we can enjoy them more often. This is a beautiful set!

Unknown said...

Collections can be so beautiful; yet they must be well displayed and preferably in glass cabinets to avoid dusting!...

Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

my gosh, I wasn't aware of it, otherwise I would have joined, for sure ! aaagh I'm so mad at myself for not having heard of it before summer ! :(
anyway ... I recognize many many of the very beautiful photos I've seen this summer :) Thank you so much for sharing them here, Jan !

Flotsam Friends said...

Oh wow, just looked at all the photos. This would make an amazing book! What a wonderful idea. I somehow missed it and would have joined in. I use pieces of driftwood in my Flotsam Friends dolls. You'd also love Maya's blog Completely Coastal. Take a look at these ideas. I made the Christmas tree. http://www.completely-coastal.com/2009/11/i-adore-driftwood-decor.html
Kindest, Pruxxx

Unknown said...

What a wonderful idea!!

flowerpress said...

Thanks for setting up this group, I just love it. My house has bits and pieces all around, stones and seedpods and objects! And thanks for including my little orange mushroom :-)

NOTyourrunofthemill said...

Oh! My thanks for the reminder. I collected driftwood at the very start of our Summer holdiay. I had a great project(s) in mind, and just never got around to making it. I will be sure to add it to the group. Now I just have to get at it. I was pleased to see you posted my photo.

SimaG Jewelry said...

Thank you for sharing.

Here is mine "LOVE" Inspirations From Nature.
This photo was taken along the beaches of Maui.
It consists of the word LOVE spelled out with coral that washed up on the shore.


made with LOVE,
Sima G

Anonymous said...

What gorgeous collections! Thank you so much for including my photo on here. :D