Will Bryant and Rand Renfrow Present: Summer City


Summer City is the collaborative efforts of Will Bryant and Rand Renfrow. These two kids from Texas share an infatuation with good feelings, nature, color, shape, screen printing, wacky characters, hand lettering, and Native American culture.

In their debut show, titled Summer City, this radical duo explores the basic struggle between good and evil. The good things being fruits, vegetables, exercise, and making stuff. The bad being dependency on technology, laziness, and negative energy. This isn't a look into something new, but rather a poke at themselves and their daily lives. As technology progresses and every waking second is consumed by social media, Will and Rand comment in their light hearted manner through painting, drawing, printmaking, and zines.

Will is a member of Public School and works as a freelance illustrator and designer. He's worked with clients such as Ace Hotel, Chronicle Books, Converse, K2, Nike, Ray Ban, and Stussy. When he's not drawing or blogging he's likely smiling. (And of course many of you readers know him as our Tuesday contributer extraordinaire here at Poppytalk)!

Rand runs Test Everything Press and is a recent graduate of Texas State University with degrees in Printmaking and Graphic Design. He's stays super busy being nice, pulling ink, publishing zines, and drawing endlessly in homemade sketch books until he figures out where to set up his teepee next.

Summer City
new work by Will Bryant and Rand Renfrow
Opening Reception: Saturday, August 14, 2010 at Domy Books, Houston
1709 Westheimer, Houston, TX 77098
Exhibition runs August 14 – September 16, 2010




Check them out on the internet:

Will Bryant
- Site
- Flickr

Rand Renfrow
- Site
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Jan Halvarson


shellie said...

love the peace pipe...thats what my doctor would call the nebulizer when i would come in during an asthma attack!

Pinecone Camp said...

Love their illustrations. That "Make Stuff" poster is fantastic! Now if I could only get to Houston.

second storie said...

Really fun work! Just love the colors and the slightly retro feel. Wish I was in Texas!