A Little Mix of Gig Posters

Contributor post by Eva Jorgensen of Sycamore Street Press

GigPosters.MethaneStudiosMethane Studios via GigPosters.com
In anticipation of Poppytalk's Mixed Tape Market (launching Monday), I put together a little mix of gig posters for you. I love the way visual art, graphic design, music, and hand crafted printing techniques all come together in this dynamic format. Johnny Cash is already hanging on my wall... something from Sonnenzimmer might have to be next!

GigPosters.HatchShowPrintHatch Show Print

GigPosters.GregHarrison.MethaneStudiosGreg Harrison via GigPosters.com and Methane Studios via GigPosters.com

GigPosters.HatchShowPrint2Hatch Show Print



GigPosters.VahallaStudiosVahalla Studios via GigPosters.com

GigPosters.TheSmallStakesThe Small Stakes

GigPosters.Burlesque.of.AmericaBurlesque of North America via GigPosters.com

GigPosters.DutchDutch via GigPosters.com


Robert Edmonds

Jan Halvarson


DANIEL SMITH Seattle Store said...

Seattle Graphic Designer Daniel R. Smith just curated a beautiful show of women designers in NW rock http://www.thunderbitch.com/

Unknown said...

SCAD-Atlanta is hosting an exhibition by Methane Studios (the first poster on this list) Sept. 8 - Oct. 1. www.scad.edu/exhibitions

Opening nighy party is Sept. 16th--free and open to the public!

Robert Edmonds said...

Lovely to be included in your post - Thank you much-ly.

Unknown said...

Nice pics! Just love the Johnny Cash one :-)

BrigittaR said...

My favourite is the Johnny Cash one. Of course he is fabulous, but he doesn't really look too fabulous or pleased in that photo!

Jan Halvarson said...

Thanks Daniel and Laura - I'll take a look!

Robe - fun to see you on the blog!