Hotel Style: Hotel Furillen, Gotland, Sweden

Hotel Furillen located in Gotland, Sweden is a design hotel which is situated in an abandoned limestone quarry on Furillen Island, a small island connected to the famous island of Gotland. Surrounded by an almost lunar landscape, the hotel is housed in the old industrial buildings. As well as the hotel, they also have an airstream caravan which can be rented too, along with hermit cabins which are situated in the surrounding woodland.

Notice the beautiful sheepskins made from Gotland sheep, which are an amazing charcoal grey colour.

Photo credits: All images except for top (and magazine-style images) from Hapsical; Top photo from Hotel Furillen.

Jan Halvarson


Claire Caudwell said...

What a fab idea! I went to Ă–land last week and it was beautiful. I am looking forward to taking a trip to Gotland next as I hear it is meant to be even more beautiful!

Cecil and Co. said...

Cool pictures...they caught my eye because I would love an airstream!

Emma jo said...

Hi !
Have you actually been to Furillen or just wanting to go? :)
I live on Gotland and I can recommend a stay there. There are also tons of small places like this around the island that sell and produce their own design and also other bed and breakfast places to stay in :)

Come and visit!

Jan Halvarson said...

Emma Jo - I'd love to for sure - looks beautiful there.