Help find Hiker Tyler Wright Through Videos (There's Still a Chance)!

I know this post is totally off-topic, but we have a lot of eyes here - and the family and friends of Tyler Wright need your help. Tyler went hiking just off the Boise Creek Trail near Mamquam Pass (near Vancouver) on August 10th and was last seen at 4:30pm at the beginning of the Boise Creek Trail. He was expected home on August 16, 2010 and didn't show up.

Since then huge efforts have been made to try and find him. The family has hired helicopters to help with the search and rescue and have posted the videos online. They are asking viewers to help by watching the videos to see if you spot anything. The instructions are also at these videos of what colors to look out for, and how to leave a comment if you find something. If you have time, something like this would be really be wonderful to do for Tyler and for his family. I lost a brother years back in a similar situation (only, on water) and we were so thankful for the hundreds of people who came out to dredge the river to finally find him and a friend. He had been knocked out by a log when their canoe capsized. But what's so important is that we finally did find him.

The family also is accepting donations to help in their effort for helicopters, boats etc. Visit a blog they set up here to guide you with the videos, info, etc.

I've taken a look at some of these video's and it's hard. But if you know of anyone, even children who might be really good finding things. Anything is possible and worth a try.

Jan Halvarson


Lindsey said...

My cousin in Squamish sent me this blog info as well. I hope someone finds Tyler soon. Thanks for posting this!

Ann K. said...

What a terrible situation. My heart goes out to Tyler's family. I will watch the video with my 12-yr. old daughter in hopes of spotting something.

Jan Halvarson said...

Thank you!

Erin said...

Watched the videos last night, hope they get passed around to many more eyeballs. Such an awful situation, I really hope for a happy ending. So glad you posted this!