Guest Contributers: Hindsvik Shop

We're thrilled today to welcome the talented duo, Daniel and Valeria of one of our favourite online vintage shops, Hindsvik shop. We invited them to join us as guest contributers this month, as we think you'll enjoy their unique finds and ideas!

Hi There!

We're Daniel and Valeria of Hindsvik shop contributing as guest bloggers!

Hindsvik stocks vintage pieces ranging from furniture, unique lighting, vintage storage crates, and small home decor items so decorating is a BIG part of our lives! We often go on road trips and travel for new products and inspiration is always just around the corner!

Lately we've been inspired by the arctic and glaciers, books and science and the primitive era. We're really loving materials like wood, glass and metal and early century cleaning tools like whisks and brooms. Japanese interiors are also playing key roles in our inspiration for the season.

With fall just around the corner, you've got to get your home in shape for the cooler weather! We've compiled our favourite vintage and modern decor picks for this fall season:

Krummi Raven clothes hanger from Mjolk.

Pia Wallen slippers from Swedishness.

Antique Key Collections

Old Leather Books and Libraries

Antique Botany Plates

Vintage Science Equipment

Primitive Slatted Crates

NORM06 Pendant Light by Normann Copenhagen.

Vintage Railway and Utility Blankets

Modern Fireplaces via Freshome.

Vintage whisks and sweepers.

Kami Mug from Analogue Life.

Early Century Dinnerware.

Colorful Pillows from Fine Little Day.

We look forward to bringing you home decor inspiration and all things vintage every Tuesday this month right here on Poppytalk! Hope you like our picks and see you next week!

Jan Halvarson


Heidi Adnum said...

Love Hindsvik! Thanks :) said...

Love all these great finds!!

sunny said...

Am such a Hindsvik fan! Glad you're here this month!!

Favorite photo is of the basket of blankets. Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

That hanger and crate are fantastic..great choices..of course hindsvik have great taste!
loving that dress on the hanger too, if anyone knows where its from would love to know.

Juli said...

cravenmaven - the dress is vintage and yikes, too small for me. Hanging for inspiration (and the faint hope it'll fit again).

Just wanted to mention that not only do we carry the Krummi raven hanger, but we also carry the Pia Wallen slippers, the Kami mug, and Norm06 light at our shop in Toronto (though those across the country are welcome to order via email).

Thanks for the mention, Hindsvik (and Poppytalk)!

Rachel Bassett said...