Mr. Yen Does it Again

Loving these handmade notebooks by Mr. Yen. Known for his paper-cutting (which we posted about this past year), Mr. Yen has created these unique notebooks with the word 'Notebook' hand cut into the front of the cover. The cover is a vintage map page and has a grey paper insert between it and the grid pages. They are one of a kind (with only a few left)! Also check out his beautiful original paper-cutting, like the whales below which were created for the short stop motion film "Lost Things" which you can see below and/or here. (Via

Mr. Yen is a graphic design student based out of Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK.

Jan Halvarson


paislea said...

these are so cute!


Dita Maulani said...

I loooveeee paper product and this is awesome!

second storie said...

stunning video!

Eireann said...

these *are* great!

(and pssst! it's 'leeds', not leads. :) )

Ania Wawrzkowicz said...

Lovely video. Lovely blog!