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11 julyElizabeth Taylor via (via 46th at Grace)

Summer Water: A new collaboration.
• Our beautiful Collecting Nature pool.
Ikea 2011 Catalogue Sneak Peek
Blogging Summer Camp anyone?
• In case you missed it, a new online magazine.
• Nikole is updating her shop, Herriott Grace on the 23rd at 5pm (and I've got my eye on this cute little candy dish)!
10 Principals to Good Design
• Beautiful embroideries
• Make a DIY Feathered Headdress by Eliza Starbuck of Bright Young Things
• Dislike Comic Sans so much you'd do this? Think again!
• A little blog etiquette! (Thanks Ez)

Jan Halvarson


Carrie Fagan said...

oh y goodness the string light are adorable. and yes please to blogging summer camp!


My Owl Barn said...

Nikole's store is amazing! That candy dish and cake pedestal are gorgeous!

Michael Ririe said...

Fantastic photograph... nice exposure and composition. Love all the bright colors.

bruns said...

big yikes on the DIY headdress! really would love to see the trend of white-hipsters-ironically-donning-native-headdresses go away ASAP.

for more info, check out:

Jan Halvarson said...

bruns - No harm or disrespect meant or done - (we think it's beautiful) - in fact Earl (Poppytalk co-founder) is First Nations (or as they say in the US - Native American)

nikole said...

Thanks, Jan!

bruns said...

i fail to see how earl being first nations makes it any less offensive for people to make themselves a war bonnet because they think it is pretty. a true war bonnet is earned feather-by-feather over a lifetime, not simply bought at the local craft store and glued together in an afternoon. starbucks' version misappropriates and insults plains indian culture, plain and simple.

other people think so too:

(and yes, i realize this response is weeks late, but i was taking the bar and this apparently still bothered me.)