Inspiration: Romantic Handmade DIY Weddings (sponsor post)

I love the idea of a handmade wedding. They are just more unique and seem more romantic, don't you think? Here are a few hand-picked and affordable handmade ideas I found for inspiration from our sponsors over at Project Wedding.

Hydrangea Blue and Steel Grey
Above: The old pantina of sap buckets along with the romantic hydrangea create an easy rustic yet elegant DIY setting. Click here to see more inspiration from this post.

Linen and Lace
Give your wedding a beachy feel with a linen and white color scheme. Their inspiration was Queen Anne's Lace, which grows along many roadsides (North America and Europe) in late summer and offers a beautiful creamy color to a wedding. More inspiration from this DIY here.

The Paper Lace Garland
Paper lace doilies are easy to find at any cookware or dollar store which makes this DIY an easy and extremely affordable decoration to add a bit of romance to a wedding and/or shower. All you need is access to a sewing machine and some bias tape to make this sweet little project. Click here for instructions.

Seedling Kit Favors
A gift that keeps on growing, these special wedding favors are easy to put together and look fun to make with a group of friends. Instructions.

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Jan Halvarson


Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

Fab ideas. Handmade weddings are some of my favourites...along with vineyard settings.

Flourishing Networks said...

I love the table setting. Love it~~

Kickcan & Conkers said...

I love the doily garland, that's a nice idea for a white interior. The table setting is beautiful too.
I'm completely hooked on Tales of a Junkaholic - Artemis & Nao are getting married in August and are making everything themselves. They've come up with some wonderful ideas, starting with this very special wedding ring box

Unknown said...

Gorgeous ideas!

GA+E said...

beautiful! thank you for sharing!

GA+E said...
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GA+E said...
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nicola said...

Lovely ideas! I'm not getting married but I'd like to bank those ideas for when I do one day!