Summer Colours Week {Wednesday's Green Highlights}

It was another beautiful day here in Summer Colour Week Land with gorgeous greens mesmerizing me. I love this whole reader participation we have going and don't want it to end, don't you? Thank you everyone for participating so far - it's been so so awesome. Looking forward to our special"Red and White" Day tomorrow to celebrate Canada Day!

Line No. 1. justnoey; MFayre; The Mel B; Laura O Photo; mccheek; knitalatte11
Line No. 2. Hindsvik; Leah Giberson; alphabet soup studio; kaitlyn sullivan; kaitlyn sullivan; kaitlyn sullivan
Line No. 3. zsita; indierocket; justnoey; Blue Bird Lucy's; tweetsweet; girlhula
Line No. 4.; orangesparrow; Keke Kate; Rachael Ashs; LeefeeStudio; LeefeeStudio
Line No. 5. gwen; NoApathyAllowed; knittalatte11; Caroline Zilk; maryvican; Monquee

Jan Halvarson


Pinecone Camp said...

Green is fabulous! My eyes zoomed in on the chair in the centre(ish). Love it!
Happy Canada Day Jan.

Kate said...

Such wonderful greens!
Thanks so much for including my Diana bush snap on line 4! Very privileged!

kaitlyn sullivan said...

this is such a fun game!
thanks for posting a few of my photos :)

Marico said...

I love your colo(u)r weeks and I am honored to be included in green! Thank you, Jan.

KitschyHippo said...

Great selections; I love all of these!

Mary said...

Thanks for liking my "allium" photo! I'm really enjoying participating in this week with all of you! xo Mary

Carol@TheDesignPages said...

Great collage!! l-o-v-e!

Jennifer Young said...

loving me some green right about now!!!

Beth said...

THANK YOU for choosing my Green Bike picture as one of your faves! I'm honored. This Summer Colours project has been tons of fun!!