Spool of Thread {+ Etsy Craft Party}!

Last Friday I got the chance to visit one of Vancouver's newest shops/creative places, Spool of Thread with the lovely and talented Becka of Bliss in a Teacup. Spool of Thread (in case you didn't know) is a space where locals can rent and/or take classes to create their next sewing project. And if you're like me who's mother isn't nearby to help with things like button holes or zippers, it's a place to come to get that done too. They also sell beautiful fabrics (think Amy Butler) and notions.

Owners Lili Nedved and Henry Sinha seem super friendly and have done an amazing job on renovating this previous warehouse space. From the stunning front desk appliqued with rulers, surprise baby buttons found glued to different areas on the cement floor, special bright (colour tested) lighting and beautiful new sewing machines and tools!

Click here to see the June Class Schedule which includes, Sewing Machine 101, a Vintage Inspired Blouse (taught by Becka of Bliss in a Teacup - tonight!), Men's Tie (great for Father's Day), Gathered Bust Apron, etc or just Drop-In + Sew! Also they will be hosting Etsy's Craft Party this Friday, June 18th (2-5pm) along with neighbor's Collage Collage and the folks at Got Craft/Lotus Events - RSVP here.

Spool of Thread Sewing Lounge is located at:
101-649 E. 15th Ave.
(at Fraser and Kingsway)
Vancouver, BC

(Thanks to Becka of Bliss in a Teacup for all photo's!)

Jan Halvarson


Lori P said...

What a beautiful place and wonderful concept.

Aesthetic Outburst... said...

This is awesome. I wish they had a place like this where we live. :) Abbey

shanna murray said...

dreamy, dreamy, dreamy!

Melissa Righero said...

I wish I lived near by!

Holly said...

Spool of Thread is a breath of fresh air! I'm so excited that they're hosting the first meeting of the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild tomorrow night! Lili and Henry are great and their fabric selection is fresh and modern.

Katie Runnels said...

what an awesome space- that measuring stick cash wrap takes the cake!! xo

Unknown said...

super cool! I can't sew but I'm going to check out their Sewing 101 & make a bag!
Thanks for the heads up, J!

Coco Cake Land said...

hooray! can't wait to visit and take a workshop... ! congrats lili and henry!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! My friend is coming to vancouver this month with the intention of hitting up textile stores for her quilting materials. We are going to be checking this one out