New Work from Rand Renfrow

Contributer post by Will Bryant

My good friend Rand Renfrow recently graduated from Texas State and is taking on the world with his radical spirit. Check out some pics from his printmaking thesis plus other new work!

Next to his large silkscreen prints, he hung pencil drawings for folks to take with them! They were snatched up rather quickly.

These were displayed on the wall and featured several smaller and even more colorful screen prints.

This kid has a bright future ahead! If you dig what he's doing, give me a shout. I know he'd love to make something for you!

More from Rand:
- Portfolio
- Test Everything Press
- Flickr
- Tumblr


Jan Halvarson


crash pad girl said...

Rand is very talented. cool stuff.

Nicole Underwood Gonzalez said...

I adore his work!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I love these! xxx

Doug Van Pelt said...

I happen to know that this Rand Renfrow character can fling a CD far and away with the flick of his wrist. Love his work. So glad to say I know this guy.

Rachel Dangerfield said...

Good stuff! What a brilliantly simple gallery idea... and real snappy work!

Anna Airport said...

Wow! Those illustrations remind me of the silly "Adventure Time!" cartoon on Cartoon Network. Is he involved with the show? Too cool. :)