"Here Comes the Sun" Lookbook Part 3


1. You Are My Sunshine Print and A Breezy Yellow Sunday Print, The Wheatfield
2. Tangerine Dreams {fine art prints}, Alysia Cotter Photography
3. Cairn Earrings, Mannybeads
4. Carnivale {fine art print}, Depuis
5. Posy Necklace, Nest Pretty Things
6. Sunshiny Day {fine art print}, isphotography


1. Canon Beach {fine art print}, A Day That is Dessert
2. Walnut Anchor pendant, Emedemarta
3. Bon Voyage Card, The Petite Press
4. Sulphur Bottom Whale Print, Slow Industries
5. Quote Board, Junxtaposition


1. You Are All I Need Posters, Roll and Tumble Press
2. I Miss You Card, La Familia Green
3. Pink Kewpie Doll Pillow, Love Lui
4. Personalized Notebook, Cake + Milk
5. Wonder No. 4 {fine art print}, Roadside Photographs


1. White Tent Print, Gretchenmist
2. Letterpress Fox Mask, Pistachio Press
3. Owl Notebook, Blackbird Letterpress
4. Land of Ampersand print, The Wheatfield
5. You are My Sunshine Print, Nella Designs


1. Rustic Twin Soaps, Irish Twin Soaps
2. Lace Bag, Tortilla Girl
3. Lime Kitchen & Bath, Irish Twin Soaps
4. Peach Petals Perfume, Theme Fragrance
5. Glycerin Shaving Soap, Irish Twin Soaps
6. Sarong Perfume, Theme Fragrance

Jan Halvarson


BaldyLocks said...

Just wanted to say how much I appreciate your blog, it's always a sunny way to start my day. I get up, make some tea and hit the Poppytalk link that's on my bookmark bar and enjoy.

Thanks from Victoria B.C

Jan Halvarson said...

BaldyLocks - thanks so much for taking the time to tell me - you've made my day!

surfy birdy said...

i LOVE the wheatfield's prints. they are so lovely and i love how she ties such lovely quotes with lovely nature/ colors.

Pipi said...

Love Walnut Anchor pendant, by Emedemarta

And i completely agree with BaldyLocks, i follow you every day!!