Artist Fun Facts Spotlight: Magic Markings Art

Name: Cathie Carlson of Magic Markings Art
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What you dreamed of making as a child: Anything that allowed me to make a mess. Which is why there is always a little bit of paint somewhere on me, my clothes, and any room in which I work!
What do you dream of now: I dream of a happy little studio by the beach, with my family and my eventual grandchildren close by and to whom I will continue to pass on my passion for artistic messes.
Your motto: The real joy of life is in its play.
Your hero: Anyone who is passionate about what they do.
Your favorite song: Wild Thing by the Trogs ~ One of the songs my husband and I danced to at our wedding in 1988.
Your favourite part of summer: The excitement and anticipation of fun things to do, spur of the moment trips with family, throwing impromptu get-togethers , long bike rides, the sound of children playing, fresh vegetables, but mostly ~ the overall feeling of happiness associated with the season.
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Jan Halvarson

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