The Royal We: Places in America Print


The Royal We has launched a new print to their ever growing collection called Places in America. It was created exclusively for the Royal We by Oliver Jeffers and is a sign print of a hand painted map of America. Each print comes with 102 pins to chart your path to total American domination. 100 of the pins are orange, one of them is red and one of them is blue. Orange is for states conquered, red is for headquarters and blue is for state of origin. Now I want one for Canada.


Jan Halvarson


Jaeveberry said...

OOOH! Def want!

Kelli Murray said...

mmmm...i think i need this for my office!

lesley [smidgebox] said...

oh that's awesome! i love oliver jeffers, his childrens' books are some of my kids' faves, mine too! maybe if enough people ask, he'll do one for canada ;)

martha brown said...

This is fabulous! And I'd LOVE one for Canada! I'm off to say pretty please!

Erin Wallace said...

I love maps and I love primitive artwork. I need this map!

Unknown said... love