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UXUA Casa Hotel is a hotel that is not a hotel. Instead, it’s a part of a small and remote fishing village in Trancoso, Brazil. Portuguese adventurers, Indian settlers, and even Brazilian hippies have influenced in some way the architecture, art and antiques that make each casa a unique expression. The emphasis is on luxury, but that luxury is rustic, without pretension, and with careful attention paid to the natural environment. Local craftsmanship and recycled and organic materials are used whenever possible, making it a standing history of the village. Fallen tree trunks are carved out to form sinks and baths and showers, recycled wood and local waste-iron form bathroom fittings; roof tiles are restored from old farmhouses, local ceramics cover floors and are used for décor.

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UXUA Casas range from traditional 1-3 bedroom fisherman houses. All nine have been designed and decorated by Wilbert Das in collaboration with local artisans using traditional methods. Features include full kitchens, private gardens, indoor/outdoor living rooms, open-sky bathrooms, antiques and Bahian artwork, king-size beds, wireless internet, satelite television. Some casas include private plunge pools, jacuzzis, hanging terraces, as well as private dining space on the historic Quadrado. (Via twitter.com/46thatgrace).

To reach Trancoso, fly to Porto Seguro (multiple connections leave from cities such as Salvador and Sao Paulo daily). From November through February, many charter flights fly directly to Porto Seguro from Europe. Trancoso is approximately 24 kilometres from Porto Seguro airport, which translates as an hour’s drive due to the scenic, two-lane roads and a short river ferry crossing.

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