Letterpress Lovers Club


Letterpress treats delivered monthly to your mailbox! Join Sunlit Letterpress's Letterpress Lovers Club - a "letterpress-of-the month" club where the recipient will receive a unique letterpress stationery item once a month for the duration of their membership. Each month the item will be different - a fun surprise in your mailbox! - and will include an assortment of stationery items such as notecard or greeting card sets, art prints, gift tags, letterpress printed packaging items, seasonal stationery pieces, etc. Click here for more information. A perfect gift for Mother's Day.



Jan Halvarson


Rambles with Reese said...

These are all so lovely! I especially like the aprons and the stationary.

Gotta go now to check them out!


Every Little Counts said...

that tub caddy is the most genius thing i have seen in a long time. it would solve all of my problems! and it's so rustic... i love it!

Anne-Marie said...

Oh my, this is so beautiful. I definitely am off to go check out her Letterpress of the Month club ...