Lisa Bengtsson for Bemz

Picture 2

Bemz came out in February with a collection of Lisa Bengtsson fabrics for their IKEA sofa and chair slipcovers, which I ran into again today with different eyes (maybe it's the spring flowers). I love the Baronessa - Green (above). See more here.

Bemz5 (w=500 h=800)
Bemz1 (w=500 h=800)

Jan Halvarson


Amanda said...

OMG I love it!

jennifer said...

me too!

Lulu said...

oh i love the florals!!

Christie at Bemz said...

Thanks for the shout out and the positive feedback! These new Lisa Bengtsson fabrics feel so right now that we are on the cusp of spring. Yea!
Christie at Bemz

Unknown said...

Wow, these are awesome. Too bad my single-lady days are done. My fiance would hate these :(