Home Sweet Home Tour No. 3: Jill Bent


Our third Home Sweet Home Tour takes us to Cambridge, MA and the home of Jill Bent and family. Jill creates bags and pillows made from vintage and all natural fabrics (some which you will see incorporated into her home) and which are also available online in her shop here. I love the laid back vibe and lived-in feeling, a definite cozy family home filled with beautiful antiques and handmade furniture, natural textiles and meaningful art. Here's Jill's take.

My husband and I and our two children, ages 10 and 8 live and work here in this late 19th century Victorian house in Cambridge, MA. Only one other family had owned the house when we bought it 7 years ago, and it needed a lot of cosmetic work. We spent three years steaming off ancient wallpaper, patching and re-plastering walls, and painting everything in sight all by ourselves. After all that, we hired a professional to gut and rebuild the kitchen. Money well spent.

Our house is a mix of furniture built or restored by my dad, with flea market and antique shop finds thrown in. Our couches and armchairs come from Crate and Barrel all bought at least 10 years ago and re-slipcovered at least once since then. My favorite things are the pieces of furniture my dad and I have worked on together. I design them and he builds them from antique boards and pieces of old furniture. Most of what hangs on our walls is artwork by family (our two kids included) and friends, and old landscape paintings I've found at the flea market. Since I love textiles, especially vintage ones, there are many pillows that I've made floating around on the furniture too. They migrate with the seasons, I switch from wool and velvet in the fall to cotton and linen in the spring. I switch around artwork from season to season too. Things rotate a lot here!


Living room:
Sofa and armchair are from Crate and Barrel, although they don't make these models anymore :(
Oriental rug is from Istanbul, in Turkey. We bought it on our honeymoon there, bargaining for it in the back room of a tiny rug shop over cups of mint tea.
Sheepskin rug is from IKEA.
Lamps are from Crate and Barrel, here and here (similar, we have a cheaper version that they don't make anymore)
Coffee table is a hand-me-down from my aunt and uncle. I painted the bottom white.
Kilim pillows are from istanbul, ticking pillow and grain sack pillow are from my shop.


The kitchen is new, about three years ago we gutted it, redesigned and rebuilt it with the help of a professional contractor. Big bucks, but totally worth it.
Cabinets by Brubaker
Pear painting is by my grandmother.
Vintage tins are from little byrd vintage
Stainless steel shelving is from Pottery Barn. They don't make that exact shelf anymore, but here's something similar.
White painted shelf was made by the carpenter who built our kitchen
White china is a mix of old ironstone i've found at flea markets over the years and newer things that have the same look.
Pig cutting board was made by my dad


Dining room:
table is from European Country Antiques in Cambridge, MA
chairs are from Walker Creek Furniture in Essex MA
chandelier is vintage. it came with the house!
painting is by my mom
pendants are made by me out of vintage fabric.
dining room with kid's art: we are not afraid of painter's tape. we rotate the artwork on this "gallery" wall, so the tape works great.


Small living room:
couch and lamp: crate and barrel
pillows: big kilim pillow from istanbul, floral and ticking from my shop.
book shelf is a built in


Our bed, wardrobe, chest of drawers, and bedside table are all made or restored by my father who is a cabinet maker and restores early American antiques.
Painting on top of wardrobe is by my grandmother, lamp is from the Door Store
Duvet cover is from Anthropologie, pillow cases are from IKEA
Lamp on bedside table is from Target a few years back, find a similar one here.
Mirror and landscape painting on dresser are flea market finds
Rug is handwoven by my mother
Wall color is Benjamin Moore Yarmouth Blue, trim is Benjamin Moore Linen White


My daughter Lucy's bedroom:
bed: vintage hand-me-down from my husband's family
bedding: garnet hill outlet store in Franconia, NH
striped cafe curtains are made by me out of old 1940's dishtowels from the flea market
dresser: antique-hand-me down from my family
bookshelf: from an unpainted furniture store, I painted it white
globe: vintage from my childhood
paint color: Jamaican aqua from Benjamin Moore. use at your own risk. it's bright, but my daughter LOVES it.


Jan Halvarson


Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

beautiful house, it feels exactly as a home should be

Lady Grey said...

I love the front garden!

Christine said...

An Old Victorian in Cambridge--wow, that's bringing out my nostalgic New Englander side. I love the colors of the rooms. What a great place to raise kids.

Unknown said...

I love the mantel over the wood stove, beautiful home.
we have the same aqua on one of our living room walls- def at your own risk but such a happy color.

Jill said...

eeek! jan, i am so excited to be here on poppytalk today! thanks so much for hosting me. hope everyone enjoys the tour.
best, jill

carta,inc. said...

I love Jill's house. Peaceful and beautiful at the same time. My favorite: the kitchen and the picture of the chest of drawers with the hanging clothes. And her father made it for her? I'm lucky I have been in her house, a real pleasure.

kristen joy said...

what a lovely home! i especially like the garden and the duvet cover from anthropologie. green with envy over here:)

Jane Flanagan said...

Oh Jill! I love getting this extended tour of your home. Of course, I already knew it was gorgeous from the little peeks you've shared. But this is beyond lovely! I'm in love with your bed!

Liz said...

Jill's sense of style is just wonderful. I admire her ability to combine colors and textures and structural pieces in a way that feels modern and fresh, and classic and comfortable all at the same time. Her home looks super cozy. Thank you for the tour!

the red bungalow said...

oh the greenery! So jealous of that little yard...I'm a renter and am dying to have a little house with a beautiful green garden. Extra big fan of that yellow Anthro duvet cover as well.

Bre @ http://theredbungalow.blogspot.com

Kim said...

Such great photos! Your house is gorgeous, Jill!

MagicMarkingsArt said...

What a comfy, cozy, happy home - so many things to love about the design and detail.

Denise | Chez Danisse said...

What a fantastic tour! I love the way Jill's home is filled with so many meaningful items--family antique-hand-me downs, family artwork, Jill's own handmade pillows & curtains and her childhood globe, a rug handwoven by her mother, a pig cutting board made by her dad...the list goes on and on and I love it. Such a wonderful home.

PreeOccupied said...

I so love your duvet cover- those yellow and white make me so mushy for it. I completely heart it.

The blue bench photograph is stunning!

Jesssica said...

Love the knobbed bed!

Coco Cake Land said...

beautiful house, so bright, with lovely pieces throughout, feels very homey and clean and modern and fun!

thanks for sharing!

Maria | Vintage Simple said...

Beautiful home - as I knew it would be, since the owner is such a beautiful person.

I love it all, really. I love all that white, I love how everything has special meaning, and how Jill's work along with her parents' and childrens' is displayed around the home. And Jan, you're right - there is something very laid back about Jill and her home reflects that perfectly.

Gorgeous, Jill. Thank you so much for sharing here to both you and Jan.


Mrs.French said...

i sensed it would be magical...and it is...sigh...xo t

Wini said...

Hi I just recently discovered your wonderful and inspiring blog! I love Jill's comfortable and stylish home...the furniture, the colours used, and patterns of the cushions & bedspreads are all so appealing!! Thank you for sharing :)

Katie said...

I know this is silly - but please oh please tell me what your stove/range is! We're in the market and looking for something just like it! Thank you -KatieK

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Such a beautiful, warm and inviting home! I adore Jill's work and am not surprised to see how wonderful her home is too. Thank you so much for sharing this, I love it!

ailis said...

Her house is incredibly beautiful and warm. Thanks for the peek through.