Artmind Tutorial: Fiber Bowls

Today we're again excited to host a tutorial by the ├╝ber talented Mitsy of Belgium-based blog and shop, Artmind. She is sharing a how-to on Fiber Bowls made from unspun fiber thread. Mitsy buys hers from her flower/decoration shop in Belgium. Here in North America one should be able to find unspun fiber thread at local craft stores here in North America.

unspun fiber thread (bleached sisal fiber)
wall paper glue
unspin silk fiber thread (in a different colour)

Make the wall paper glue according to the instructions on the package. Use your hands to put glue all over the inside of the plastic bowl. Tear the unspun fiber open.

Press it into the bowl and add more glue on top of the fibers. Press them firmly to the sides of the bowl. The more fibers you add, the sturdier your bowl will be but the longer it needs to dry.

You can also use little glass bowls. Repeat the above process. Let the bowls dry overnight and sometimes even longer. I put them on the heater and after a while, the glue will sink to the bottom. Then I press the bottom and spread the glue around a bit. When it's all dry, you can take it easily out of the bowls.

To finish it up nicely, you can add a little touch of coloured silk fiber. Just tear a thick strip. Then add some glue on the side of the bowl and glue the fiber onto it.

You can use them to serve chocolates for example. The tiny ones would do excellent for wedding favors too. Or add a little thank you & chocolate inside the bowl.

I'll be giving these 2 bowls away to the first visitor of my next fair. The only thing you need to say is 'I read your blog' when you come to my table! My next fair is this Sunday the 7th of March in the Cultural Center in Hasselt, Belgium. It's International Woman's day then and the initiative is called Evanement.


Jan Halvarson


Kim van Waardenburg said...

again another very clear tutorial!! Well done Mitsy!!

See you sunday:)

Rachael said...

yes i love this, and want to buy some of that thread this weekend!

Unknown said...

Oh!! I like this idea :D

Pesky Cat Designs said...

What a wonderful tutorial! Mitsy is so talented and prolific. I am always amazed by all her work. :) said...

Those are so pretty! They totally made me do a double take. Thanks so much Artmind! I'll be linking to this.

Anonymous said...

wow - what a great idea! does anyone know where I can order some of this unspun fiber thread?