The Poppies: People's Choice Winners

Here it is folks! The results from the polls we took this past month asking you, our readers to first, nominate your favourite artisits under certain categories, and then secondly to vote on them! It was an overwhelming response, with the idea behind it to bring awareness to and celebrate the Handmade Community! We want to thank all of you who particpated, nominated and voted, getting the word out and supporting the independent artist/shopkeeper. We plan to make this an annual event, and loved finding all these new shops and renewing acquaintances with some others we haven't visited in a while. We hope you enjoyed it as much as us! So here it is, firstly, the People's Choice winners, and then followed shortly by the Jury's Choice next. Congratulations everyone, we will be contacting you very soon!

Each 1st prize winner will receive the following:

1. A one month's free participation at Poppytalk Handmade
2. A "The Poppies (People's Choice)" banner/button for your site or blog!
3. A one year's text link from the Poppytalk blog's main page under "The Poppies" category

Please note that this poll was intended to be a vehicle to highlight handmade artist's works; we will be awarding The Poppie's (People's Choice) award to the most popular handmade artist (we will be excluding any non-handmade items where applicable).

Favourite Handmade Affordable Art Artist - People's Choice

1st Geninne
2nd Abby Powell
3rd Kipi Brooklyn

Favourite Artist Blog - People's Choice

1st A Beautiful Mess
2nd City of Dionne
3rd Going Home to Roost

Favorite Handmade Accessories - People's Choice

1st Yellow Yellow
2nd Zomb
3rd Ponder & Stitch

Favorite Handmade Crafter - People's Choice

1st Rachel Denbow
2nd Dottie Angel
3rd Resurrection Fern

Favorite Handmade Ceramics - People's Choice

1st Diana Fayt
2nd Ayumi Horie
3rd BrooklynREHAB

Favorite Handmade Eco Artist

1st Betz White
2nd Daisy Janie
3rd Mayamade

Favorite Handmade Houswares

1st Berd & Bee
2nd pi'lo
3rd Bookhou

Favourite Handmade Jewelry - (Part 1) - People's Choice

1st Emedemarta
2nd Glamasaurus
3rd Cursive Design

Favourite Handmade Jewelry - (Part 2) - People's Choice

1st - Petit Plat
2nd - (Tie) Stonz and Valerie Tyler
3rd Moon Over Maize

Favourite Handmade Papergoods - People's Choice

1st Pearl & Marmalade
2nd Albertine Press
3rd Sweet Olive Press

Favourite Photographer - People's Choice

1st Alicia Bock
2nd Susannah Conway
3rd Elle Moss

Favourite Handmade Textiles - People's Choice

1st Ink & Spindle
2nd Dottie Angel
3rd Skinny Laminx

Favourite Vintage - People's Choice

1st The Vintage Laundry
2nd The Sunday Times Market
3rd Three Potato Four

Jan Halvarson