The Poppies: Jury's Choice Winners!

The ballots are counted and we are pleased to announce today the winners of the First Annual "Jury's Choice" Poppies! Lots of thought and detail went into each choice from the amazing group of jurors that hunkered down this past week to pick. It was a rather daunting process (if you were noticing the amount of nominations) but each juror took careful consideration to pick their favorite 3 in each category, and then the highest numbered choices were again gathered into a poll under each category to create the following results! Congratulations to everyone, and a HUGE thank you to our jury, Lisa Solomon, Kate Bingaman-Burt, Faythe Levine, Victoria Smith, Andrea Jenkins, Irene Hoofs and Jen Anisef. Please note the Overall Favourite Artist Winner will be announced next week, as we wait for the jury to finish voting.

We know the winners are honoured to be chosen by such talent themselves! Each 1st prize winner will receive the following:

1.A one month's free participation at Poppytalk Handmade
2. A "The Poppies (Jury's Choice)" banner/button for your site or blog!
3. A one year's text link from the Poppytalk blog's main page under "The Poppies" category

So without further ado, we present the "Jury's Choice" winners! Congratulations everyone!

Favorite Affordable Artist - Jury

1st Studio Violet
2nd Betsy Walton
3rd Matte Stephens

Favourite Accessories - Jury Selection

1st Giant Dwarf
2nd Rennes le Chateau
3rd Kase-faz

Favorite Artist Blog - Jury Selection

1st Sandra Juto
2nd (Tie) Bookhou at Home and Camilla Engman

Favorite Crafter - Jury Selection

1st Yokoo
2nd Emma Lamb
3rd Maranon

Favorite Eco - Jury Selection

1st Wooly Baby
2nd Forest Bound
3rd Ink & Spindle

Favorite Housewares - Jury Selection

1st Bookhou
2nd BrooklynREHAB
3rd Ashes and Milk

Favorite Vintage - Jury Selection

1st The Bucket Tree
2nd Clever Nettle
3rd Hindsvik

Favorite Papergoods - Jury Selection

1st Rifle Paper Co.
2nd Yee Haw Industries
3rd Pistachio Press

Favorite Textiles - Jury Selection

1st Skinny Laminx
2nd (Tie) Repeat and Pippijoe

Favorite Photographer - Jury Selection (Tie)


1st (Tie) Fine Little Day and James Moes Photography
2nd Dustin Parr

Favorite Ceramics - Jury Selection

1st Up in the Air Somewhere
2nd Diana Fayt
3rd Rae Dunn

Favorite Jewelry - Jury Selection

1st Maranon
2nd (Tie) Lauren Haupt Jewelry and For Me, For You

Jan Halvarson