Penpal Club at Reform School!

The ladies from Reform School are launching a new series of clubs at their shop in March and one of the clubs is a penpal club! They are reaching out to our community in hopes that people from all over the world would like to join to correspond with their local members. All one would have to do is email the following information to rollcall[at]reformschoolrules[dot]com:

Name & address
hobbies & interests
a little personal info like.. married, single, kids, career

Here's the plan:

First they'll exchange names with penpals near and far. Perhaps Margo in Maryland or Svea in Sweden. Stationery and stamp swapping is also on the agenda as well as a little time for catching up with family and friends the old fashioned way. If you love snail mail then this is the club for you! They are hoping to match up their pen pallers with friends from across the globe with similar backgrounds and interests. The club will meet one Monday a month starting in March. Margaret Haas from Paper Pastries ( a local stationer) will help host the in-shop event. They will follow up with everyone interested with more details and of course the name and address of the person they have been matched with. Naturally, any of their Los Angeles readers are invited to attend the first meeting on Monday March 15th at the shop. (photo credit - Margaret Haas).

Jan Halvarson


Heidi said...

So cute!

I miss the joy of having a pen pal.

Anonymous said...

I'm stopping by to say I've given your blog a Sunshine Award

poppytalk is a beautiful blog, the images you post are so lovely to look at and really inspiring.

Anonymous said...

what a lovely project, it's always so nice to receive things on the mail and share thoughts that way in this age of immediateness

Paulita said...

my friend was just talking about how much she wanted a penpal..sending her this link!

coco said...

I just signed up! been writing snail mail as much as possible these days so this sounds so fun! thanks for sharing!

Regina of Live Delightfully said...

What a cute idea? I'm in love with cute paper lovelies and I love the idea of a penpal. I haven't had one since Second Grade! O.O