Yele Haiti & Claudia Pearson

Yele Haiti & Claudia Pearson

In light of the recent devastation in Haiti, artist Claudia Pearson would like to draw your attention to a small fundraiser she is doing. 25% of all sales from her 2 new Valentine prints will be donated to Yele Haiti - Visit her blog for details.

Jan Halvarson


Tanya said...

hi there! I just found your blog and wanted to say how much I love it. I'll be sure to check back regularly!

rubi said...

this is beautiful.
what a wonderful way to help those in need. said...

Hello Jan + Earl,
I would like you to know that 100% of profit from my valentine prints + posters goes to Haiti fund
poster are in my shop: bubbo,

plus we are gathering stuff like clothes / tins / food / water in our house, so those of you who are in NYC and willing to help, please drop me a line!

Paula Mills said...

Beautiful print and sentiment - just bought myself a copy on etsy, thanks for sharing.