The Poppies: Vote No. 9 Favourite Handmade Textiles

The following artists/shops were nominated last week during our nomination process under the "textiles category". Please vote in the Poll below for your Favourite Textiles (we have included their links below the poll so you can check them out before voting). One vote will be allowed per computer and only one vote per category. The voting commences effective today through to January 29th at 11:59 pm. The other categories will be published one category per day or more (if time allows), each category will be open for voting for one week after it has been posted. All categories will be posted this week. The winners will be announced by Friday, February 5th, 2010. Click here to read the history. Good luck!

A Stitch in Dye
At Swim Two Birds
Bonbi Forest
Byrd and Belle
Dottie Angel
Elisabeth Bentz
Felt by Ingermaaike
girls can tell
India Flint
Ink & Spindle
inkling prints
Jobs Handtryck
Julie Peach
Karen Barbe
Karen Thurman
Lisa Chun
Sara Smedley
spinspin handmade

Jan Halvarson


Nana56 said...

Unfortunately, by using the IP address of a computer only and not cookies, if multiple people behind a firewall try to vote, they look like the same computer and their votes don't count. Several of my co-workers are fans of Homesweet too and my vote (the first one) was the only one that seems to have counted. The counter didn't change when the other girls voted for Homesweet. :-(

Elle said...

agreed, nana56 -- i just had 5 people in one office trying to vote for pawling and it only counted one of us. is there any way to fix this?

Jan Halvarson said...

Hi Nana56 - yes and if only cookies were set we have a problem too - as then people can refresh their cache on their computer and vote over and over.

So we had to set it that way, there was no other option with what we had to work with for this.

Nana56 said...

I have a feeling you're loosing more valid votes this way than you would get bogus votes the other way. I just wanted my favorite artisan to know that her work is appreciated. Thanks for the reply.