The Poppies: Vote No. 4 Affordable Art Artist

The following artists/shops were nominated last week during our nomination process under the "affordable art category". Please vote in the Poll below for your Favourite Affordable Art Artist (we have included their links below the poll so you can check them out before voting). One vote will be allowed per computer and only one vote per category. The voting commences effective today through to January 27th at 11:59 pm. The other categories will be published one category per day or more (if time allows), each category will be open for voting for one week after it has been posted. All categories will be posted this week. The winners will be announced by Friday, February 5th, 2010. Click here to read the history. Good luck!

Abby Powell
Amanda Blake
Amber Alexander
Anita Dominoni
art & philanthropy
beep art
Ben Schlitter
betsy walton
Bonbi Forest
Brandi Strickland
Carabatack Designs
Carolina Cottage
Carving My Initials
Catherine Campbell
Copper Leaf Studios
Cornelia O'Donovan
Cow Island
Dolan Geiman
Dreamy Giraffe
Erin Carver
Field Trip
flying girl art
Found Days
francesca - mrs eliot books
Grace Hester Designs
hearts and laserbeams please
Heather Smith Jones
illegible ink
Jen Hewet
JHill Design
Joe Bagley
John Golden
jose pulido
Julia Pott
Kil Sook
kipi brooklyn
Kristiana Parm
Laura George
Leah Giberson
Letter Happy
Lisa Chun
Lisa Golightly
Lizzie Stewart
Mary Kate McDevit
Matte Stephens
Michele Maule
Miss Crowland
Mon Petit Fantôme
Mothball Chalie
nan lawson
Pamela Tang
Pearson Maron
Rachel Austin
roadside projects
Roll and Tumble Press
Samantha Hahn
sarah mcneil
she rides the lion
simple terms art
Spread the Love
Stephanie Hood
Studio Violet
Susan Schaffer
The Black Apple
The Mincing Mockingbird
Trish Grantham
Yumi Yumi

Jan Halvarson


Philip said...

Exciting poll!

Amy@Pikaland said...

Ooooh, what wonderful selections! It's a tough decision to make, that's for sure. I'm biting my nails already!

Katrin said...
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Katrin said...
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