19th Century Calligraphy & Illustration Collection

In my teen years I so wanted to be able to write like this. My best friend and I took calligraphy writing classes together, with hopes of one day becoming professionals. She did much better than I, but to this day I still love the art. I stumbled upon 19th Century Calligraphy set on flickr the other day and was taken back to that time. Vintage Collective (where I found these) also has an amazing amount of other vintage lettering and illustration collections on their photostream; some favorites show below. I'm especially loving the frame and wreath sets along with the Family Crests and Heraldry Shields. Click here to see the beautiful collection.

Jan Halvarson


Anonymous said...

pretty pretty. soo classic

Jaeveberry said...

I have a lovely award for you on my blog today. Come see! :)

Coco Cake Land said...

ohmigosh. super dreamy. i remember getting a calligraphy set when we were kids too!! i would love to take this up again too.. jan did you hold on to your calligraphic skills?