Inspiration: Rustic Scandinavian

Konstnärliga rum

I'm loving the scaled/stripped down flooring and walls in this rustic Danish home owned by Danish designer, Henrik Busk and his wife Stine. The home which I found recently online at Skona Hem, features a mix of modern furniture, white walls and the odd rustic finish. Click here to see more. Photography by Bjørn/House of Pictures.

Konstnärliga rum2
Konstnärliga rum3
Konstnärliga rum6
Konstnärliga rum5
Konstnärliga rum7

Jan Halvarson


Anna @ D16 said...

I was just admiring this home yesterday!

As much as I like the look of those floorboards, I'm almost positive that the paper-like residue on them is an old ASBESTOS (!!) underlayment from a linoleum floor that they tore up.

I found the same thing under the old tile in my kitchen and bathrooms, and had to say goodbye to the wood planks underneath and cover them up again. Alas.

Jan Halvarson said...

Hi Anna-

Oh no, I think you're right. I never thought of it - but when one looks at it closer you can see that. Hmmm...

Erin @ SYL: Slipcover Your Life said...

Loving the super worn floorboards in the bedroom!

nesting.emily said...

Drool. I love it. I am such a sucker for Scandinavian anything.