Hula Seventy: Leslie's Cozy Home

By Hula Seventy
One of the benefits of having wildly creative friends is that they usually have homes to match-- homes full of color, interesting details and individual style. On a recent visit to San Francisco, I stayed with my good friend Leslie, a fantastic photographer and blogger extraordinaire. Leslie, who lives on the top floor of a beautiful old home with her son Riley, has filled the space with so much charm and color I just had to share. Thankfully, she was kind enough to send a few photos of her space my way. (And a few of my own photos are mixed in too).

I love the turquoise and brown in the sunroom, the painted floor, the pops of yellow, the colorful prayer flags. Perfect place to lay around. I promise you.

A mix of clean color and old architectural elements greet you on the way inside.

Leslie has one of the coziest homes I've ever been in. Chalk it up to a nifty mix of textiles and a super rich color palette. And years of scouring estate sales (a girl after my own heart) makes for a home filled with fascinating finds. Like the vintage botanical charts that hang above the couch.

And the light-up Champale sign that sits atop the armoire in the dining area. Which I sort of want to steal every time I visit.

Sweet personal details in the bedroom.

And the most comfortable bed in the history of the world.

Striking black and white toile in the bathroom.

And the most beautiful old creamy yellow stove in the kitchen. Really, it needs to be seen to be believed. Completely original to the place (it was there when Leslie moved in) and a functioning showpiece through and through.

More sweet, colorful details in the kitchen.

The doorway to the laundry room would have me wanting to visit the laundry room all the time. Which is nothing short of a miracle.

Actually, every detail of Leslie's place sings out sweetness. Even the old wooden gate you walk through on the way out. Thanks for sharing your home with Poppytalk, Leslie!

(Check out Leslie's flickr set for the entire home tour and read more about Leslie on her blog. Prints of her amazing work are available on Etsy and calendars are available on Zazzle.)

Jan Halvarson


Maryam in Marrakesh said...

So cozy and welcoming. I heart that towel holder.

considerthelillies said...

love love love the pictures of this cozy home! Cozy is one of my favorite words by the way!

greybreaks said...

must have that stove. love it!

Unknown said...

so many things i'd love to have! especially that stove :)

Hudson Goods said...

Forget 6 burner stoves, I am crazy for those vintage appliances!

kickpleat said...

I think I love EVERYTHING about this place! Every room is perfect. Love the painted diamonds on the floor in the first picture.

NatKay said...

I HAVE THAT LAMP!! The one in the sunroom... but mine is purple (i love it).
I bought it off ebay for about $26. can any of you tell me anything about it?? I LOVE it so much!!

Vesta Monroe said...

that bed is darling!

Vesta Monroe
Domestic Goddess Guide

CreativeButterflyXOX said...

I love the sunroom. I have a super cute sunroom too, but there are so many windows and it makes it super cold in the winter, I live in Upstate NY, so it's freezing right now. If I want to sit out there, I have to take my space heater just to stay warm.

lisa said...

it really is just as beautiful as she is.

LeS said...

oh my! so many thanks to Andrea/Hula and Poppytalk and also all of you for your comments :) it has been such a delightful experience!

micro m2 16gb said...

Your home is absolutely cosy! The rooms are wonderful. Thanks for sharing. Love this post!

i'm abby said...

i'm in love with the sun room...i hope to have a room like that one day! it's beautiful.