Hula Seventy: I Love Stockings!

by Hula Seventy

image by alicia paulson

I have a confession to make. I think I might like christmas stockings more than presents under the tree. There's just something about a sock filled with candy and tiny packages that makes me happy. This is probably because my mom was a master stocking stuffer. Each year, she filled our stockings with unusual little gifts, each one beautiful wrapped and every year, we couldn't wait to dump the contents of our stockings out onto the floor and sift through the goodies. Now that I'm a mother, I'm on the other side of that experience. And I love it, I love filling stockings for my kids. Well, and my husband too. No surprise, then, that I love shopping for stockings more than anything. Here are twelve stocking stuffers that I absolutely love:

1. smiley face mugs from fred flare.

2. Moustache pencils from the Curiosity Shoppe.

3. Sunshine pocket mirrors from Blancucha.

4. Ridley classic joke boxes from Fred Flare

5. small Lilliput robots from Schylling.

6. Lomolito cameras from Pop Deluxe

7. Rosie Flo coloring books from Chronicle.

8. Cross My Heart wooden yo-yos from Something's Hiding In Here

9. Ridley's retro harmonicas from Fred Flare

10. Magnetic doodle faces from The Small Object.

11. Cupcake-flavored dental floss from Archie McPhee.

12. 3-D doodle kits from Fred Flare

Jan Halvarson


bronwen said...
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Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Adorable!!! I want to order the coloring book and dental floss immediately. Living in Marrakech has its drawbacks:-(

Hena Tayeb said...

great finds.. they all bought a smile to my face.

Marija said...

Love your list of ideas. The stockings are my favorite!!!

2 by Design said...

I'm with you! I always loved going through my stocking even more than all the beautiful packages under the tree. It's kind of still my favorite part of Christmas and my husband knows it! Poor guy really has his work cut out for him every year.

rachel red lips said...

these are so great for kids! i would have loved the coloring book!