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high and low

I just picked up the latest issue of Canada's Style at Home Magazine (a bonus double issue for January '10) and am in love with this wallpaper (both actually - above and below) which are featured in one of their "High or Low" articles (one of my favourite features of their magazine). Although my photo of them are a bit on the blurry side, I'm hoping you can get a good sense of them at least. Just click on the image to get a larger view. The paper on the top image is from (Code 1317) and the one below from by Blue Mountain Wall Coverings - (BC1581919). Grey is one of my favourite colors for interior walls this year and i love the textured look of these mixed with white pieces especially. Incidentally Style at Home is holding a contest featuring some of the items in their High/Low articles; like the Treasure Hunt lamp from Elte (above). Click here to find out more. Can you guess which image is the high and which is the low? I will reveal this afternoon. (Photo credit: Edward Pond).

Update: Top - High $10, 257; Below - Low $4, 697

On a side note. My computer access is limited today due to some technical difficulties, but I hope to get out some more posts near midday if you wish to re-visit.

high and low

Jan Halvarson


Gemstone Jewelry said...

The wallpaper is surely beautiful!!

Amy said...

I think I have removed more wallpaper than I put up but both of these are simply gorgeous!

claire.hinkley said...

Funny I came across this blog today!
I work at S@H and set up this shoot, haha.
Thanks for the kind words!

P.S. That paper is unbelievably heavy, so get ready for a great workout if you plan on hanging it in your space!

Kickcan & Conkers said...

I love wallpaper because I love patterns and print but not in my own home... These look really interesting so off to find out more :)

lisa solomon said...