The Art of the Display: Department Store Holiday Windows

Another beauty from Anthropologie. Photo credit: Hijirik

I've always loved store display windows, especially during the holidays. My uncle was a window display artist and made a huge impact in my life with regards to design. He was well respected in his industry and had major talent. Every year I love hiking downtown to look at Department Store window displays however was disappointed this year as the Hudson Bay Company didn't have their traditional holiday display due to the Olympics display (apparantly not enough time to take down and put up) - rather sad. So I went hunting online for a few treasures to feed my soul. (Thanks to for many of these links).

The Gothamist has a post on New York's displays. From Barney's SNL-inspired windows to Lord & Taylor's more traditional display.

Anthropologie at Rockefeller Center in New York seems to be my favourite so far. See pictures here, here and here and another favourite here (using old school chairs and rulers). Also check out their flickr pool of many of their windows across the world.

Macy's 2009 Christmas Window Display, from The Windy Pixel, Chicago.

Another Normal has heaps of window display pics. From Christmas past to Christmas present.

I love this Christmas in NYC 2009 set and this one too.

Printemps Haussmann, Paris.

Masaru Ozaki Video Projection Cube Christmas Trees in Tokyo.

Some pools at flickr: Fantastic Store Window Displays, Christmas Behind Glass and Christmas in NYC Pool.

Macy's Christmas Windows 2009

Jan Halvarson


Apt. #34 said...

Can i just decorate windows for a living please! They certainly brighten your day :)

Jaime @ laviejaime said...

I agree- this would be such a fun job! Anthro is so clever!

Hijiri said...

Hi Jan!

thank you so much for including my photos -- aren't they amazing?!?!

I have been way too swamped to say anything, but thank you sooooo much for having me again, wishing you and Earl a Happy Holiday season!!!!!!!

2010 will be an another exciting year for poppytalk!!!


Anonymous said...

It was good to see those Anthropologie windows, they're so good aren't they. I live in London and luckily they have landed here also but only with 2 windows, altough the insides are wicked!
You can find lots of London based windows on my blog, so check them out!