2009 Most Influential

arrowsVintage arrows from etsy.com/shop/sweetshorn

As is the tradition here, the time has come to review the year (one of my favourite posts) and see what was the most influential of 2009. Starting in January and going through each month we've created a list of designs that kept popping up amongst 2009 or they just have that special something. So without further adieu here are 2009's Most Influential (Part One):


Stephanie Congdon Barnes;
Lisa Congdon;
Ceramic Feathers from Roost;
Lucky Feather by The Paper Apartment


Wall stickers, Studio Velvet
Door Sixteen banner design
Plywood raindrops, Bookhou

Oh Sea Oh Sea

Thomas Paul;
flightpath designs
Corrieberry Pie

Porcelain objet d'art


Caroline Swift
Porcelain keys from Klein Reid

Oversize Jewelry


Urban Outfitters
Corrieberry Pie

Paper Art

Picture 8

Chanel Couture (image from chanel.com)

The Balloon

Unruly things;
The launching of UPPERCASE Magazine

Painted Stairs

Stair inspiration

Wish Magazine, this featured home (below) of Liz Kingstone and family.

Stay tuned for Part two coming soon!

Jan Halvarson


Di Overton said...

Just dropping by to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas
and a big thank you for your friendship throughout the past year.
From a very snowy UK
Di (Designers Block)

Unknown said...

i ::heart:: the feather the most!

Kim said...

You always have the most amazing collection of images to inspire me! Thank you!!! This is just stunning - all of them!

Jaime @ laviejaime said...

Love the feathers and paper stairs...Chanel!

Merry xmas!

Lauren @The Little Things We Do.... said...

such loveliness.

and you're right...the balloon definitely had a big year.

Jan said...

what a pretty montage of these images!! love going back to revisit them after not having seen some in a few months! Happy New Year Jan!! Keep up the beautiful work!!

Ashley said...

LOVE the feathers and sea inspired pieces. Beautiful post and blog!!

In Honor Of Design said...

cheers to oversized jewelry! And I am so happy raindrops and feathers were an influence. Love them.

Merry Christmas!


Kickcan & Conkers said...

Lovely selection. I posted those arrows the day I saw them. Definitely one of my favourite images in 2009.