together ::2 perspectives e-course

Marisa Anne of Creative Thursday along with her boyfriend, Sean (actor, writer and Improv teacher) have just announced a new e-course they will be leading together that will begin in the new year focusing on how to live a creatively fulfilling life. As the movement of creative couples who work together from home is increasing, the sounds of this course I'm sure will interest many. Click here to see find out more.

Jan Halvarson


abigail*ryan said...

Working with my chap is one of the greatest pleasures I have had in my working life so far... where I used to enjoy the quiet solice {by comparison to working in a shared space where I might have to work around people I find less than soothing!} I now love having someone else around who I am completely at ease with who can add touches of humour, fun, love, kindness, problems, distractions etc etc as punctuation to the every day...

It's not perfect, but it's really perfect for me!!

I'm sure many people will find great things through a course like this! :)

abigail @abigail*ryan

Marisa and Creative Thursday said...

thank you for sharing our new class Jan! We're super excited about this :)