The Legendary Student Art Sale @ ECUAD

ECUAD Student Art SaleSilkscreen scarves by Hannah Campbell
On Friday Earl and I slipped away down to Granville Island to the Legendary Student Art Sale at Emily Carr University of Art and Design for a little dose of fresh young art from some local talent. I snapped a few photo's in a blur as there was so much to see. We had all but one hour and there was so much to take in. Unfortunately some of the photo's I took to keep tabs on each artist (as I usually do in these adventures), came out too blurry to read, so some of this beautiful art I'm showing here I don't have the names of the artist (boo). So if you are reading this and know/recognize the artist, please give me a shout or leave a comment. I'm hoping you will help! Nonetheless, as you can see, we have some awesome things to show. I know I missed so much, but here were some highlights! Thanks to Louise for supplying us with the student's names.

Above: Silkscreen scarves by Hannah Campbell (hcambpell2511[at]eciad[dot]ca), a second year photography student. These silkscreen prints on grey fleece are from a series of women she created and I just loved! I bought one and was thinking it would make a most beautiful wall hanging (folded in half off a wooden hanger) when I'm not wearing it. Love the images (very folk influenced) and reminds me of the late Margaret Kilgallen's work.

ECUAD Student Art SaleCeramic retro thermos
Above: Ceramic retro thermos by Darcy Greiner (dgreiner[at]ecuad[dot]ca). Kicking myself for not buying 10 of these to line up on a future shelf in my kitchen (although there were only four). And no artist name! But aren't they awesome? ! Lids come off and become bowls. Perfect for Lipton's Chicken Noodle don't you think?

ECUAD Student Art SaleView of the gallery from the 2nd floor staircase.

ECUAD Student Art Sale
ECUAD Student Art SaleCeramic Tile Wall Art

Above: Ceramic Tile Wall Art by Marina Nazarova (mnazarova[at]ecuad[dot]ca). I really liked this artist, (who also had some large canvas paintings of similar subjects); and regret the photo I took of artist's name came out too blurry to decipher as well. Loved all the white space and elderly subjects.

ECUAD Student Art SaleBear Portrait, Megan Leeburn

Loved this series of bear portraits by Megan Leeburn. Sadly the paintings were still wet, and seriously considered bringing that gentle bear home with me, but thought I'd wait till another time perhaps. Would love a large one of these one day if she made them.

ECUAD Student Art SaleTiling Wall Mugs by Ryan Nussbacher
A total cool idea. Great packaging as well. Tiling Wall Mugs. Handles have slots for the wooden pegs to hang decoratively on the wall, looking like tiles. I love practical art like this.

All in all it was a nice show, and as is always the case, I'm sure I missed some gems. But it's always so exciting to find new talent and fresh ideas. Thanks to Louise from ECUAD for the special invite!

ECUAD Student Art SaleGallery view

Jan Halvarson


elizabeth burritt said...

Wow- show looks great! I have pangs of nostalgia for Emily Carr!
Love all the ceramics featured!

Coco Cake Land said...

aww my alma mater!

those scarves are awesome... and the retro thermos ceramics are bonkers.

i missed the sale sadly, too busy... good on you jan for making it there!

Lisa Mackay said...

How I wish I could have been in VanCity for this! I super love the bear painting - it would be perfect in my son's room. I will have to be on the lookout for a similar sale at OCAD! Love your blog.

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