i made this for you... vol 12

I made this for you


Tooth mini

if there's anything stephen dislikes more than spiders, it's going to the dentist! before his visit, i thought i would try to lighten his anxiety by giving him a bouquet of "good luck" flowers in a papier-mâché tooth vase. (it totally helped).

From shaunaSHinH

Jan Halvarson


Heidi said...

a papier-mache tooth? seriously, it's so sweet, i'm going to get a papier-mache cavity.

my favorite 'i made this for you' yet.


Mandi Johnson said...

Wow! You guys are over the top romantic in the most creative ways! Love it.

G said...

After seeing this...I am unsubscribing to this blog. Come on! A giant paper mache tooth? This belongs on regretsy...

Clare said...

How sweet! I hate the dentist too, this would really brighten up my trip. So thoughtful and so very not regretsy.
You really are the most adorable couple.