Holiday Card Time

Assorted holiday notes, a. favorite design
For me it's always the beginning of November when I start looking for holiday cards. I look back fondly on a set of years when my BFF and I would board a plane to Hawaii and spend the days on the beach writing our Christmas cards, and mailing them off from there. This tradition of writing cards in early November for me is a time to relish (the calm before the storm), and having a really nice set of cards to write on makes it all that much more enjoyable. Here's the beginning of my favourite card finds online (which I've so much enjoyed looking for), with plans of more to come in the weeks ahead. Early seasons greetings!

Go Nuts Letterpress from egg press

Peace on Earth from Blackbird Letterpress

Snowflake cards from Dingbat Press

Hedgehogs from Luckybee Press

Letterpress Holiday Card from maida vale

Letterpressed Peace cards from Sycamore Street Press

Sapling holiday from egg press

Mermaid Holiday from eggpress

Deck the Halls Letterpress from Hello Lucky via Luxe Paperie

Cupcake Holiday from Snow & Graham via Luxe Paperie

Happy New Year from Snow & Graham via Luxe Paperie

Yeti Holiday from The Beautiful Project

Lucky Bee Press


Peace card from pixelimpress

Jan Halvarson


Ash said...

Happy holidays.... Wonderful cards...

n joy all through.....


pixelimpress said...

jan, thanks for including pixelimpress in such great company! these cards are beautiful. pam

Colliebox said...

Love all of these cards. So nice to get away from the usual fare.

Luli Designs said...

You found such an amazing collection of cards! They are all so beautiful and fun!

kickpleat said...

Thanks for including my yeti card in with this very distinguished holiday bunch!

Roxanne said...

You're really making it easy to pick my holiday cards!

Fiona Cartolina said...

Hedgehogs - I love 'em!

plaisirs simples said...

i have so many great ideas for my xmas cards now!! i cant decide which one i want!

h.Lo said...

Thank you so much for including my coffee card in this mix! =)

Happy holidays,
Heather (Maida Vale)