2009 Holiday Gift Guide: The Cook


1. Cookie Cutter Press, williams-sonoma.com
2. Mortar & Pestle, herriottgrace.bigcartel.com
3. Measuring Spoons, beehivekitchenware.com
4. Blue Moss Bristle, birribe.etsy.com
5. Pocket Pie Mold, williams-sonoma.com
6. Ginger Peeler, oxo.com
7. Linen Pintuck Apron, spoolandsparrowshop.etsy.com

Jan Halvarson


My Owl Barn said...

Love the pie mold! The result looks yummy and so cute. You have it on the list at number 5, it should be on 4. No biggy :)

birribe said...

Gorgeous choices for the kitchen,
I love that apron. Thanks for to feature my mossbristle.

bright and blithe said...

What a wonderful collection of goods. Those pocket pie molds might find their way onto my Christmas list.

daisyfleur said...

Great choices! I like them all but particulalry the heart spoons.

Louise said...

What a fantastic collection!!

Fiona Cartolina said...

Great ideas Jan! Well done - love the apron and the spoons.

Apt. #34 said...

These are great ideas - love them. And the blog is looking fantastic! Congrats :)

Ash said...

I love all of these!!