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I came across these new notepads coming out of Sweden yesterday at Paper Ya called Whitelines. And that's exactly what they are, notepads and/or journals (hard bound, hard wired & saddle-stitched) with white lines versus dark. The novelty is that the lines are clearly visible without disturbing what you write, which a traditional writing paper with dark lines does. They also have a toned background that makes it easier on the eyes. and the lines easily disappear when you copy, scan or fax. "Swedish innovation for improved reading and writing". Carbon footrpint: 0.20 kg CO2. I picked up a few and am thinking these will become a fave. Love the saddle-stitch A5 size (148.5 x 210 mm). $3.75 CAD.


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Jan Halvarson


Rikki at Play Heart Press. said...

what a great idea! i always avoid lined notebooks as the lines seem too harsh.. i like these very much i want one.

Laura said...

That is so cool. I want to buy some of these... but I don't know if I could bring myself to write in them. I have so many notebooks and sketch books because I refuse to use them and mess up their pages. :)

Jan Halvarson said...

HI Laura,

I'm like you - scared to use them that i might mess them up - but they are only $3.75 - so one doesn't feel as bad.

Will_Bryant said...

YES! these are awesome. I started using these until I just went to cheap printer paper. Domy in Austin sales them!

lisa solomon said...

ok. love these. seriously