One-of-a-Kind Show Wrap Up - Part Three

robyn drage

The last of my posts on the One of a Kind Show (Vancouver) that happened this past weekend, starting with (above) the work from Robyn Drage and her mixed media paintings (ceramic painted tiles that almost look like photographs and then applied on a wooden panels). Really lovely.

Below: Ceramic sculptures by Lilach Lotan of Nanaimo, B.C. (


Below: Felted acorns and Matryoshka dolls by Little Red Caboose


Below: Catnip dumplings, pillows and apple cozies by Roxy Pop (which is Andrea and Rob from Got Craft? and Lotus Events. I've ordered a bunch of the apple cozies as my "go-to" gifts this holiday season. (Love the wooden buttons).

See the complete set from the show on my flickr here.

cat nip filled felt chinese dumplings
sweet cushion w/scissor button

apple cozies

Jan Halvarson


Amy said...

I really like the ceramic coral sculptures. Great accent lights.

RobbieLee at Chickiedee said...

All of these items are so clever and fun! Thanks for sharing!

Heartfire At Home said...

I LOVE those ceramic sculptures, they are a real find. Magical!

The pale observer said...

Absolutely love the mix media paintings! I want!!! :) Thanks for showcasing :)

Anonymous said...

Um...everything felt and cozy can I have please?? :]

our little love nest said... wish I could see in person!